William the Conker...er Friday 24th October

This Friday we will re-enact the Battle of Hastings using traditional Norman weapons - the highly lethal small brown nut on a piece of string that was named after King William.

Bring your Williams along with you and we will do battle (Friday 8.00 at the hut).

Winter Camp Goodies

Winter Camp is all booked up and my credit card is bending under the weight. Hope Phil pays me back now!
Here's the order form for the goodies. Can you let me know what you want by completing this form and paying for it by the 7th November 2014 please?  Sorry I've no idea what the stuff looks like but last years hoodies looked good.

The Good Guys............

Some brilliant bonfire fodder tonight!

And we left the mess for the Cubs  :)

Help PGL.............

PGL wind down at this time of year and reduce their staff so they struggle to answer the barrier phone.  We can help them by letting ourselves through the barrier using the code 0780.

Late News

Woodman Pete has asked if you can bring any stuff to make guys with on Friday. Not sure what he had in mind but I don't think he wants to use your uniform so you'd better keep that on!
I'll be off with the rifle squad at the nationals so good luck to all our shooters.
Don't forget This weekend Is winter camp deposit deadline.
If you want to come hand over £35 to Phil.
I'm posting this from my phone so hope it looks OK....

Stag get their mojo..........

Stag Patrol worked hard at the Bickley camp with axes, draw knives and general sharp carving stuff to make their own Stag totem (with skilful help from WoodmanPete!).
Well done Scouts - any other Patrol up for the challenge?

Garden, pitch and Guy; all types of......................

It will soon be time to celebrate the near overthrowing of Parliament, the Monarchy and life as we didn't know it back in 1605, and this Friday (the 17th October) we will get ready for Bonfire Night by creating Guys to go on our bonfire on November the 7th.

See you at the hut at 8.00, and prizes go to anyone dressed as King James I!

Drum Corps CANCELLED this Thursday 16th October......

Unfortunately Roger has had to cancel Drum Corps this Thursday.

The next 2 practices with the ACF Band will be on either the 22nd/23rd November, then the 13th/14th December - the exact days are to be advised so Roger will call as soon as he is told.  10 till 6 and please bring a packed lunch.

I thought you would appreciate the above photo of Rogers new custom transport!

Rifles camp forms

OK - final plans!

I will take a couple of you with me and the Landy stuffed with our gear.
Pete will leave in the minibus FROM PGL AT 6pm on Friday with most of you and your gear.
Anthony will head down a bit later but travelling a bit faster so will arrive at the same time :)

I have spoken to those in the Landy or with Anthony, so if I haven't spoken to you, you need to get to the minibus at PGL at 6pm with your gear (as per kit list below - note full smart uniform! note necker! note camp fees and consent to camp form!). We will arrive quite late and be putting up tents in the dark as usual and will not have time for a full roast dinner, but we will fry up some burgers and a hot drink and cake before we turn in. This will be a good supper, but please make sure you have eaten some dinner before we go. 

And here are the forms!

Return from Kibblestone......

Tired, damp and smelly (and that is just Phil) we made it back from the exhausting adventure that was the Kibblestone Activity camp.  Walking with hawks, going indoor caving, being second fastest doing the canon run and walking across a rope bridge 40 feet up.  If this sounds good then sign up for the Wintercamp now!


Weaponised communications

Following the theme of our communication badge we will continue to develop communication techniques but this week's attempt will be slightly weaponised. You may like to bring a pocket knife and moderate body armour :)

Rifle practice for the squad

Hi - sorry it's been a bit difficult to schedule - I seem to have filled my days with scoutyness!
This post will update from time to time to manage booking for practices - dates and times as per ticket :) 
Book a ticket or let me know if the slot you want is full!

Gilwell Winter Camp Deadline

I'll be paying for Wintercamp on the 20th October. If you want to go we'll need an Eventbrite booking and a non refundable deposit of £35 by Saturday 18th October. It's open to all scouts who have been on a scout camp before, including new scouts who have been to Bickley or Kibblestone..
At the moment it's looking like an Explorers only camp as there's only a couple of scouts booked....
Details are here:

Cost of the camp will be £65 but if you want a cool hoodie they are £15 extra. (tee shirts, hats etc are also available, but we'll sort that out later).


Archery practice with the District will be at Sundorne School  http://www.sundorne-snr.shropshire.sch.uk/contact-sundorne-school.htm   this Sunday the 12th October between 2 and 4.  As always it is a drop-in session so you don't need to be there for the full 2 hours.  All equipment is provided as is tuition if you haven't shot before or are rusty (that will be me then).  It is £2 for the session.