Remembrance Sunday parade ..... 9th November


At this time every year Boreatton Scout Group takes part in a solemn parade to All Saints Church in Baschurch.  We then go into the Church for a service of remembrance to commemorate all those who fell or were injured in war.

This is the one activity each year that we expect all Scouts to turn out for - put aside football and rugby matches, having a lie in or just can't be bothered - we expect you there if at all possible.  We will meet in the Admiral Duncan car park at 10.15 on Sunday 9th November in full Scout uniform, to include school trousers and polished shoes.  Please bring some money for the collection as well as a poppy.

The service and march back to Millington Close is usually finished by around 12.20.

Bonkers for conkers.....

We didn't realise how many of you hadn't played conkers before  -  must make sure we do it again next year :)

You have to feel sorry for the poor abused conker above, but it was good fun!!!

Our anti-bullying policy......

This is our anti-bullying policy, decided on by our senior Scouts.

Let's make sure we stick to it.

All the Guns, and the Girls, getting Gold - is it ever going to be enough...

A good campaign to Bisley this year - Boreatton has the new Scout 6yd rifle Champion! Well done to her and to everyone else - everyone had something to be pleased with and quite a few of you were close to medals...

Kibblestone Video...

If you didn't go to Kibblestone, this is what you missed. If you did go, now's the time to laugh at yourself.

After playing with the hawks and owls for a bit we decided to take them into the woods, as the last group of the day the owners we not too bothered if they caught anything. Imagine our shock when the bird just fell vertically out of a tree into a pile of brambles, watch to the end to see what happened.

This was time to defend your honour. I think everybody took a pounding, even me. At the end is a little bit showing the para drop inflatable.

You've seen Wipeout on the TV in a nice pool in the Caribbean, but we are scouts so we have to do it in a mouldy green pool in Staffordshire.

Where's your HAT????

Got quite a few hat pictures in now. If you haven't done yours yet, take a look at these....Details of the competition are here CLICK and you can find more entries here CLICK

Help PGL.............

PGL wind down at this time of year and reduce their staff so they struggle to answer the barrier phone.  We can help them by letting ourselves through the barrier using the code 0780.

William the Friday 24th October

This Friday we will re-enact the Battle of Hastings  which happened 948 years and 10 days ago using traditional Norman weapons - the highly lethal small brown nut on a piece of string that was named after King William.

Bring your Williams along with you and we will do battle (Friday 8.00 at the hut).

Winter Camp Goodies

Winter Camp is all booked up and my credit card is bending under the weight. Hope Phil pays me back now!
Here's the order form for the goodies. Can you let me know what you want by completing this form and paying for it by the 7th November 2014 please?  Sorry I've no idea what the stuff looks like but last years hoodies looked good.

Christmas Party @ Bounce Below Sat 13th Dec 2014

We'd like to book Bounce Below for our Christmas Party on the 13th December. BUT we need to ask £10 per head to part cover the cost. As they can only take 24 people at once and need 3 adults that means there is only space for 21 of you. Booking a ticket here only expresses an interest. Cash is King! Bring your £10 to reserve your place. It's closed during the day so it'll be an afternoon / evening event.

The Good Guys............

Some brilliant bonfire fodder tonight!

And we left the mess for the Cubs  :)

Help PGL.............

PGL wind down at this time of year and reduce their staff so they struggle to answer the barrier phone.  We can help them by letting ourselves through the barrier using the code 0780.

Late News

Woodman Pete has asked if you can bring any stuff to make guys with on Friday. Not sure what he had in mind but I don't think he wants to use your uniform so you'd better keep that on!
I'll be off with the rifle squad at the nationals so good luck to all our shooters.
Don't forget This weekend Is winter camp deposit deadline.
If you want to come hand over £35 to Phil.
I'm posting this from my phone so hope it looks OK....

Stag get their mojo..........

Stag Patrol worked hard at the Bickley camp with axes, draw knives and general sharp carving stuff to make their own Stag totem (with skilful help from WoodmanPete!).
Well done Scouts - any other Patrol up for the challenge?