Permission to Take Part in Scout Activities

We need to have up to date records of your contact details, medication etc. for all off-site activities. The preferred way is to complete the short Survey Monkey questionnaire and we'll print off the important information. Alternatively bring a paper form to each activity...
You'll find a link on the right hand side of the blog to both but to help you here's the questionnaire...

You can redo the survey any time something changes but I don't transfer the data to our records every week so don't complete it the day before an activity please.

We still need paper forms for camps, and a few special activities, such as rifle shooting and scuba diving but we'll post them when required.

Sponsored Bike Ride 2014

Scouts starts back on Friday 12th September and we are straight into the programme with a sponsored bike ride on Saturday 13th September.
For those that have been before you'll know what happens, we ride our bikes to lots of old churches, eat loads of biscuits, drink loads of squash, play in the ford and generally manage to complete the 25 mile challenge in about 8 hours, yes, that really is slower than walking....

Well this years it's going to be different! We are going to start from Alan's house in Leaton and cycle around a new route, the only thing that's going to be the same is the weather because it's always sunny that weekend ;-)

The sponsorship is for the Shropshire Historic Churches Trust so as well as having a fun day, you'll be doing some community service, which counts towards your challenge badges and if we make the 25 mile will complete the bulk of your cyclist badge.
If you want to give the money through your own church and know they are taking part you can write their name on the form, if not it'll go via West Felton because their organisers got us into this!!!

You must book a place so I know who's coming and can make sure we have enough leaders. As it's sponsored you'll need to get some sponsors too. Click HERE to download the sponsor form. There'll be a prize for the most money collected. (About £40 last year I think).

You must have a safe working bike, tyres blown up, two working brakes etc and as always with scout cycling events a well fitting helmet is mandatory.
You'll need to carry a small day bag, bring a packed lunch and a water bottle, though we'll be given drinks at many churches.
Also bring your sponsor form, a pen and I suppose your waterproofs....
Book your place here.... You don't need to print anything, just put your own name not your parents, unless they want to come too.

Kibblestone is Back. Hooray!

A few of you will remember what a great camp we had at Kibblestone two years ago, so by popular demand we're going again. (Photos here)
It's on Friday 10th October until Sunday 12th and will cost £55 including transport, food and all activities. Please book your place on the Eventbrite booking and complete the attached camp and rifle forms.
 The camp is suitable for new scouts and will be a great way to get to know everyone.
At the moment I've booked 14 places but if more want to go we may be able to get a second bus???
Book a ticket on the Eventbrite link so I know if you'd like to go. (Please put the scouts name in the box, you don't need to print any tickets).

Right Click and Open in New Tab to get full size.

SBSMG Caving, Gorge Walking and Hill Walking Camp 19-21 September

For those of you over 12 years old or (hopefully) those who have already taken part in Mountain Group hikes, this is the fun bit!
A weekend camp in South Wales. (In a hut) with caving, gorge walking and hillwalking actvities all for £40. More details are on the attached letters but please book a ticket by 16th August if you are interested. If we wait for the deadline it may be full. Any questions contact Pete or Alan in the first instance.
Do you know me?

Young Peoples service - on Sunday

We have been invited to help celebrate the Young People of Baschurch area - THAT'S YOU LOT!!!
We will meet in Millington Close at 10.30, to march behind the Drum Corps to the church.  The service is great fun, and we will be finished by 12.30.
Mums, Dads, brother and sisters, grannies and any one else are also very welcome to come along.
Full uniform, with school trousers and very shiny shoes (please, no jeans and trainers).

Bickley Coppice camp......

Don't forget to sign up for the Bickley Coppice camp in September.


Tracking -  a very useful skill indeed.  Shooting a supersoaker - likewise. 

Combine the 2 skills this Friday and celebrate the last meeting of this term.  You will follow a trail laid by the cunning Explorers and defend yourself  when ambushed, so equip yourselves with water pistols, supersoakers and squirty bottles and dress to get wet.

Last year we found this sad, wet old man who had been ambushed by Explorers - he is now dry and being rehabilitated!
Bring a towel and a change of clothes!

The 38th National Scout Rifles Championship.....

The National Small-bore Rifle Association holds their annual Scouts rifles Championships between 17th and 19th of October.  Boreatton always make up almost all of the Shropshire team and this year there are 4 places up for grabs for the camp. 

You must have shot at Alans a few weeks ago and be able to commit to weekly training sessions.  The camp is likely to cost up to £60 but for that you get all your food, transport, a lovely tent to sleep in, and the chance to compete at the home of British shooting!

Oh, and you get to wear the coveted Shropshire Rifles hoody.

Only 4 places - FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!!

Food with gigantism.............

A proud moment.....

when Dad presents Lad with his Chief Scouts' Gold Award.  Well done that Scout!

July 4th 1776.....................July 4th 2014

On July the 4th 1776, a group of Americans declared how happy they were with being looked after by kindly King George the Third who had a great fondness for tea!  Every year our colonial cousins celebrate being the largest British colony by having parties and eating giant food.

To help them celebrate we will create monster food this Friday. 

Please bring a plate and fork with your name on (and a plastic bag to take them home in).  8.00 at the hut!

(BTW - like Wikipedia, the above may be slightly factually challenged!).
                                Phil couldn't believe his luck - so much lettuce!!!

Challenge Night Friday 26th June

This Friday Woodman Pete is in charge as Alan & Myself will be off to Mongolia with the explorers and Phil will be driving us to th airport...If we can find any wifi you may be able to see what's happening on the Explorer blog... or on Facebook.

It will be a patrol challenge night with a range of 'challenging' tasks for you to complete as a patrol...You will need to be in full uniform and as smart as possible ;-) Think teamwork.
Meet at the hut at 8pm, don't be late

The Bickley Coppice Nearly the End of Summer Camp.........

Did you enjoy your evening at Bickley Coppice?  Every year we run a weekend camp there which is a little bit unusual!  You will cook all your meals on wood fires, learn to carve and to make fires, saw and cut wood with an axe, and build a bivouac and sleep in it (if you want to).

This is a very laid back Scout camp and most Troops don't have the opportunity to do these activities, so if you would like to make the most of the last of the summer weather then sign up!!!

Orienteering @ Bickley Coppice 20 June 2014

Friday will be normal time for a change, but not normal location... We'll meet at Bicton Church SY3 8EH at 8pm and transport you down to Bickley Coppice. On site we'll be checking out and repairing the Orienteering Course and I guess Phil will cook the odd sausage.... Can you bring a pair of gardening gloves and secuteurs if you have them please? If you have a map compass you can bring that too. We'll be holding a camp here in September so if you've never been before it's your chance to check it out.
Please come with strong shoes or boots, long trousers (probably brambles) waterproofs if it looks like rain. You will need to have a neckerchief on to identify yourselves as scouts. There may be others on site and the warden will be around.

Young Peoples Church Service ..... 13th July 2014

We have been invited to help celebrate the Young People of Baschurch area - THAT'S YOU LOT!!!
We will meet in Millington Close at 10.30, to march behind the Drum Corps to the church.  The service is great fun, and we will be finished by 12.30.
Mums, Dads, brother and sisters, grannies and any one else are also very welcome to come along.
Full uniform, with school trousers and very shiny shoes (please, no jeans and trainers).