Stuff to Do This Week

  1. Book Cavers Badge (Over 12's) here
  2. Book Archery Camp here
  3. Bring Archery Form and Money here
  4. Book Ice Breaker Camp here
  5. Prepare your 5 minute presentation (Leaders Challenge)

National Archery Camp Information 8th - 10th May 2016

Attached is all the information for the Archery Camp.
Please can you bring the 'Permission to Camp' form and a cheque for £55 payable to Boreatton Scout Troop this Friday. I have to hand them in at the Archery Practice on Sunday 21st February.
(I know the form says hand it to your driver but that's a bit late as they need your date of birth for the entry and may want to make your favourite menu). !!!
If you don't yet have one of the cool black County Archery Tee Shirts, can you let me know what size you want please? (He's not mentioned it yet this year but I believe your first one is FREE).
Camp Information
Kit List


Permission to Camp Form

The Ice Breaker Camp..........

For those of you who enjoyed the Wintercamp at Gilwell, or were sorry to have missed it - here we have the Ice Breaker camp in Staffordshire.  We will set off from PGL at 5.30 on Friday 26th of February and return to PGL at around 3.00 on Sunday the 28th.

Friday night Campfire

Saturday daytime Activity zones including Via ferrata, monkey trees, pedal karts, abseiling, zip wire, jacobs ladder, archery, cork guns, crate stacking, slack lining, rifle shooting, traversing wall and more.

Saturday evening Disco

Sunday morning Bushcraft skills including fire lighting, kelly kettle challenge, bivvi building, cooking bases, paracord bracelets craft and more.

An action packed weekend that will keep everyone warm and all for £40.  Book your place by Friday the 12th. 
If you can't give Phil the permission form in person then please email to

Cavers Badge Course Info

If you have booked the Cavers Badge Course here's a few more details and a consent form to take with you on the first day....
If you didn't there may be one place left? here
(I'd prefer you give me a cheque rather than doing a bank transfer as I know who hasn't paid then...)

Right Click to Open Full Size

Right Click to Open Full Size

February already!!!

February will bring even more rain and that means the grass leading up to PGL will stay soaked and soft.  Grown-ups, please take care not to drive off the tarmac track.  There has been some tyre damage to the grass and PGL are keen for the rest of their grass to remain pristine (and we are keen to keep PGL happy!!!).

Mission Possible - Rogue Patrol!

Winter Night Hike - Friday 5th February 

Meeting point - 7.30pm - please note it's an early start
at  Nesscliffe lower car park just up from St Andrews Primary School, Hopton Lane  SY4 1DB
Grid Reference -  SJ 386199
Collection - 10pm back at the Scout Hut - Parents please feel free to join us from 9.45pm for hot drinks and biccies!

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to reach all the checkpoints as one slick and  effective team tackling a series of challenges along the way. Working together in tough conditions is a real test. Use your new map skills and keep each other safe.Training is done, now here's the real thing.....

Check the kit list please - it will be cold so dress well, see you there!!!

Walking boots, Waterproof coat and over trousers, Fleece, Warm hat that covers the ears, 
Water bottle [full], Snacks , Torch [head torch Personal first aid kit , Emergency High energy snack,
Whistle, Spare jumper and socks  AND A RUCSAC TO PUT IT ALL INTO!

PS the joint winners of Friday's Map Quiz are Stag and Kestrel - see Woodman Pete for your prizes

Love is in the Mountains this Valentines Day

The next SBSMG In Search Of Snow Hike is on Sunday 14th February.
You'll need...
Walking Boots, Ruck Sack, Waterproof coat & Trousers, Spare clothes, Hat (that covers your ears) & gloves, Small personal first aid kit, packed lunch, drinks, snacks, torch,
Ice Axes will be provided if required. If you haven't got loops on your ruck sack bring a bit of string to tie it on please.
If you want to go speak to Pete S or Alan. If you're short of kit make sure we know before the day!!!
08:45 at the Enigma as usual. Back at 18:45 ish.

Another Pointless Blog Post

So all those red beany hats at Wintercamp finally paid off. On Wednesday Scouting announced that Vodafone were sponsoring the Digital Media and Digital Citizen Badges.

and of course we all knew that Alfie Deyes was there... here's his Pointless Blog...

As a special treat there's free sweets for any scout the comes with a red Hashtag drawn on their left thumb!

National Archery Camp 6-8th May 2016

If you'd like to go to the National Archery Competition and come back as UK Champion. Book a place here.
I'm waiting for final details but the organiser is away at the moment.
Last year we left PGL at 6pm on Friday night and returned at 7pm on the Sunday.
Camp cost was £50. (Update £55 this year)
You can read about our successes in 2014 on Robins new

You will need to attend most of the remaining practice sessions. They are;
Sunday 21st February 1400-1600 at Sundorne School (indoors)
Sunday 20th March 1400-1600 at Sundorne School (indoors)
Sunday 10 April, 1300-1600 at Bowbrook Archery Field (outdoors)
Saturday 23 April 1000-1300 at Bowbrook Archery Field (outdoors)
Saturday 30th April 1000-1300 at Bowbrook Archery Field (outdoors)

Eggciting stuff last Friday..............

Pioneering skills, a clove hitch and a square lashing - all needed to move an egg 6'!!!

Navigator Part 1..................Friday 29th January

Oh my goodness - you lot have a night hike next week and Woodman Pete has planned a fiendishly difficult route that will test your map reading skills.
Just so we don't loose too many of you we will have a practice this Friday at reading maps, walking on bearings and screaming for help!  You may also achieve the Navigator Badge Part 1.
We will be outside for part of the night so please dress accordingly (looks like rain!), bring a torch and your own compass if you have one.
See you at 8.00 at the hut.

Scout Cavers Badge 5th and W/E 11-13th March

Idris is hoping to run another Cavers Badge course in March. These are organised and run at County level and there is a limit of 12 places so if  you'd like to go you need to commit early.
The minimum age is strictly 12 years old.

This is what you've got to do...

  • Take part in at least four trips to at least two different cave systems. You must make each visit as a member of a properly led group.
  • Keep a record of your trips and the routes you followed.
  • Develop a good knowledge of the caving and cave conservation codes. Show your assessor that you’re aware of the environmental  issues around caving.

  • The course starts with a day locally, normally a morning in a Scout hut, watching videos of caving techniques and looking at the equipment you'll be wearing. Then in the afternoon a visit to the old Roman mine called Llanymynech Ogof.
    The following weekend is based at a nice hut in South Wales where you'll visit 3 more very pretty caves.
    All equipment is provided, though you'll need your own wellies or boots at Llanymynech and I'd recommend a pair of thin work gloves (99p). 
    Cost for the entire course is £50 including transport, food, accommodation in South Wales.
    More details here

    You can read about the last course here

    Chess Club

    The team hoping to represent Shropshire Borders in the County Chess Competition started practicing on Wednesday, learning some top tips such as Castling and the en passant rule. They then learned how to close a game before finally putting it into practice. A good night. Thanks Al.

    A bit of a lash up.............Friday 22nd


    Pioneering - a good old traditional Scouty type activity! 

    Survival Skills - a camp we will be doing in the woods next term!

    To take part in the camp you need to know how to pioneer so we can make shelters, bridges and other useful stuff.  So, this Friday the square lashing and clove hitch will become your friends and you will create a wonderful piece of indoor pioneering while (I hope) keeping the floor clean. All will be revealed on Friday. 

    Snow Joke in Snowdonia.

    We went to find snow and we certainly did. Well done to all the Scouts who completed a 6 hour hike up the Gribin Ridge to Glyder Fach, stood on a very icy Canterlever Stone and managed to get back down again, ice axes in constant use. We were a big group, 23 in total and had some fantastic views along the way. Here's just a few photos, many more on the SBSMG Facebook page.