Stuff to Do This Week

  1. Complete the NEW Activity permission form, see link on the right. (Desktop version only). Here
  2. Ask you parents if they want a ticket for the Birmingham Christmas shopping trip. Here
  3. Book Cavers Badge Course
  4. Pay your subs! £35 as always.
  5. Make sure you know the PGL Gate Code. I'm not posting it here though.

Visit the Underworld, and come back!!! Cavers Badge 14th and 20-22nd November

Probably just 3 places for the County Scout Cavers Badge Course....
It starts off with a talk/video session then a trip down Llanymynech on Saturday 14th Nov. Then the following weekend will be in S. Wales, sleeping in a Scout Hut and visiting 3 caves. All instruction and caving gear will be provided.
The cost of the course will be £50 per Scout to include:- Food, Accommodation, Transport, Cave Access, Use of Equipment, Caving Logbook & The Badge.
I'll be coming with you as a driver not a instructor. (Caving or Christmas Shopping in Birmingham...hummm, difficult choice).
Contact me asap, cash is King.
Sorry Over 12's only. (it's too easy for little Scouts).

Llanymynech Nut Cracker, Really!**!

Christmas Shopping Trip, Sunday 22nd November

This year, we have taken over the running of the Christmas shopping trip from West Felton School. If you'd like to go, or more likely send your parents to buy you some cool presents bring your ticket money on Friday. The trip is open to anyone so bring your friend and neighbours too.

JOTA - JOTI Radio and Internet Stuff Sunday 18th October

 Every year for the past million or so Scouts from around the world have got together 'virtually'. Originally it was using Morse Code but as technology has moved on it's now via Instagram, Skype and special Scout only chat rooms.
This year we can join 26th Shrewsbury and Bomere Heath Scouts to take part.

There is a participation badge, above, but we will also be working on the Digital Citizen and Digital Maker badges too, possibly building websites, making YouTube videos etc.
If you want to come, book a space below quickly as we need to get the badges ordered.
We'll be doing it on Sunday 18th October between 09-30 and 12-30 at the 26th Shrewsbury Scout Headquarters (location to follow).

Fishy stuff........

Well done everyone! The fish put up a brave fight, but in the end......
they tasted good!

And the Bannock bread was an extra treat (unless you put 5 tablespoons of salt in yours!).

Bickley Coppice camp kit list............

Don't forget - we arrive and depart in uniform!!

The scientist and the scout

The BEASTs asked the authors of the Royal Society Junior Book Prize shortlist about their books and their work - see what their answers were here -

365 Science Activities

Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor

Night Sky Watcher

Fillet O' Fish.................Friday 2nd October

This Friday learn how to catch, prepare and eat a fish, bake some bannock bread to go with it and clear up the mess afterwards.

Don't worry if you are vegetarian (or simply a bit squeamish), you can learn how to make soda bread instead.

Please bring a knife, fork and plate with you that has your name on them and get ready to scoff.


The motorbike above is an Indian SCOUT!!! Its rider, Burt Munro, set land speed records in the 1960's and 1970's at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah (and the bike was 30 years old :) ).

Do your best?  Burt certainly did (and yes he was a Scout).

This Friday I would like every Scout who hasn't been invested to meet at the hut at 7.00 to talk about being invested, what it means to do your best, the Law and Promise, and breaking land speed records ( the last one is optional).

Perfect practice makes perfect!

' - those aren't guns!'


It's the next w/e practice this Saturday 26 Sept (because Sunday is a busy day!) with scouts at 10:00-11:30 and explorers 12:00-13:30 ('cos explorers aren't as good at getting up in a morning!)
Please bring the fees too if you haven't already! (I've had to pay your entry already, which is the main part of the camp cost).

Here is the permission for for the practices and please bring you completed Guest Day form (or take the blank one if you didn't last week).

Drum Corps dates

Some Drum Corps dates for your diary - times and meeting locations will be confirmed closer to the dates;

Sunday 27th September Baschurch Fun Run
Thursday 22nd October Bowling
Sunday 8th November Remembrance Sunday Parade
Wednesday 18th November Lanterns Parade Shrewsbury
Wednesday 16th December Christmas Carols in the Square, Shrewsbury

Drum Corps is on this Thursday normal place normal time :)

Assault (of course!)............Friday 25th September

This Friday we will work in our Patrols again, racing across the PGL assault course to see who has the speediest team, and more importantly, who works together best as a Patrol!

The forecast is good but a coat, a head torch and a bin liner to sit on after in the car would be a good idea.

Don't forget, subs are due, and the cut off date for paperwork for the Bickley camp is this Friday.

See you at the hut at 8.00 :) 

Bickley Camp form.......

To print this form off - right click the mouse, select print picture and off you go.  All forms on the blog are printed in this way (don't ask!!!).

Bickley Coppice camp...........

It seems to have become traditional now - make the most of the nice Autumn weather and have a camp at Bickley Coppice camp site.  Cook on wood fires, maybe sleep in a bivouac if the weather is good, carve a stick into, well, a thinner stick........all good backwoods stuff.
This time, we are having a joint camp with Wattlesborough Group and we are going to take over a big section of the site because Cubs are joining us to camp and even Beavers will be with us for the day on Saturday.

Book now to have fun in the woods, learn some new skills and make some new friends!

Rifle squad practice!

Its Autumn! Those who signed up for the rifle squad need to get ready for the National Rifle Championships and make sure our shooting is sharp!

I propose to hold w/e practices with the first this Saturday 19 Sept (because Sunday is climbing day!) with scouts at 10:00-11:30 and explorers 12:00-13:30
Please bring the fees too! (I've had to pay your entry already, which is the main part of the camp cost).
See you on Saturday!