Winter Camp Information

For those coming to Wintercamp, this is what you need to know....
We'll be leaving PGL at 6pm on Friday night and travelling in Bayston Hill Scout's luxury minibus (joke). It has 17 seats and we have 17 people so it'll be cosy as well as noisy and slow. All our tents, camping gear and personal gear will be loaded into a trailer that has a waterproof cover. Please pack snacks / drinks and other stuff you need on the bus in your daysac. Have a good meal before you leave as it's a four hour journey and we won't have time for a long stop.
If you bring electronic gear, treat it as being disposable. The bus will be parked in a field, a shuttle bus ride away, our camp site may be left unmanned for some of the time and there will be thousands of people on site. I understand the major phone networks do not have coverage so have put an alternative Virgin mobile number on the info form which MAY have coverage??? If you get a weird answerphone message from Dobby the Elf, you've got the right number... that's another long story.
When we arrive on site hopefully our gear will be transfered to carts to move to site so if you can carry your rucksacs it may help?
On Sunday I understand activities finish at 1pm, then we've got to eat and break camp before being allocated a kit run to get our bus loaded. I'm really not sure how easy it will be to get off site, so treat the return time as a target. We'll have to ring on the way home to finalise it.
The weather is likely to be cold and wet so make sure you have good outdoor winter clothing and a warm sleeping bag etc. Some activities will be wet and muddy and once gear is wet it will not dry. Make sure you have enough clothing. You will also need swimming costumes and towels.
I'd recommend packing everything in carrier bags inside your rucksac to keep it together and dry, you can never have too many carriers!!!
Don't forget this is a big camp, you are expected to travel in uniform.
And finally, most of you still owe £30 so Phil will have to flex his credit card to buy food. Don't forget to pay him back!
You should be able to download these forms as pdf here:
Permission Forms
Kit List

I tried really hard to embed them but google isn't playing!

Carols by Candlelight...............Sunday 21st December

This Sunday at 7.00PM there is a Carols by Candlelight service at All Saints Church in Baschurch.  Everyone is welcome including Mums and Dads, sisters and brothers.

Please make the effort to come along as this will be a lovely, atmospheric start to the Christmas celebrations.


Some say, he lives at the North Pole, Elvis does his chores and he can fly round the world in 24 hours. All we know is he's called Santa.

Why am I doing this?
Don't stare at the camera!
Nice Smile.
This is hard work, I hope I get a good present!
OMG, He's really coming!
Hello Santa
I've been VERY good Santa!

Let's Go Below

I think everybody had a good time at Bounce Below, not sure about the choice of music on the way home though nor getting stopped by the police, good job I'd only been bouncing around for an hour not drinking, still I'm not sure I'd have been able to walk in a straight line!
Here's some photos of us....

On the train into the mine
Let's Go
Down the chute to the bottom slide.
Disco Time???
I'll let go in my own time, thank you!
Group Bounce

Drum Corps practice........Monday 15th December

There will be a practice for the Drum Corps on Monday the 15th of December, 7.00 at the Scout hut to prepare for the Carol Concert on Wednesday.

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney! Friday 19th December UPDATED

Apparently Santa is visiting his Shropshire workshop on Friday 19th December. If you'd like to come and see him, he'll have 21 presents available by 7pm and may be able to knock a few more up later if more children want to meet him. Of course nothing is as it seems at scouts so make sure you have old clothes or a boilersuit, welly's and a pair of old or work gloves. Asthma sufferers bring your inhalers, the excitement may bring on an attack!
We'll meet at the cattle grid on the access road to Llanymynech Golf Club SY10 8LB (My sat nav got a bit lost, turn next to the Cross Guns Pub, then it's the 2nd left. There is a little white sign saying golf club) at 7pm and will be back drinking hot chocolate at 8-30pm. Those booking for Santa Too, turn up at 8pm and expect to be back at the car park by 9-30pm Please don't drink all the hot chocolate and eat all the marshmallows before the first group get back!

SBSMG Hill Walking Radnor Forest 14th December

The mountain group will be walking in Radnor Forest this Sunday but unfortunately there won't be any Boreatton Leaders going. If you want to go contact Alan or Pete IMMEDIATELY so we can tell the organisers. Many of you will know them, Chris Fryer from Bayston Hill and Richard Parkes from Bicton Explorers.
This is quite an easy walk and open to scouts of ALL ages.
The next two activities will be snow hikes and only open to those who have been on group activities before.

District Carol Service Sunday 14th December

A  reminder about the District Carol Service  which is being held on the 14th December  at the  Holy Trinity Church Oswestry, at 2.00 pm for 2.30 pm start.  Parking can be found on the central car park just down the road from the church.  Families are very welcome.  We will have refreshments after the service.
Unfortunately we don't have any leaders available but feel free to go with your family if you can.
We have our own service at Baschurch on the 21st December.

Bounce Below Details

For those who booked a ticket for Bounce Below. Here are the details....
Sorry there are no spare places.

Meet at the old Enigma Indian Restaurant car part at Shottaton Crossroads at 16-00 on Saturday 13th December. We hope to be back there at 21-15 but will endeavour to let you know if we are delayed. Mobile signal dependent!
There is a tuck shop there but I'm not sure if it's open so probably bring some snack and a drink to eat on the bus.
For the activity the official kit list is...


We recommend wearing sensible clothing, the activity is based in an underground cavern where the temperature is approx 8 °C. Long hair should be tied back, all jewellery and scarves to be removed and skirts are not recommended.
For your feet; trainers are ideal, no open toe shoes, flip flops, sandals or walking boots
There are no lockers so everything you bring will need to be left in the bus. It may be a long walk from the car park so make sure you have a warm coat with you.
It's recommended you wear a BB boilersuit but it's not mandatory, I will. It gets very hot once you are exercising on the trampolines so you certainly don't want a thick jumper on but will need long sleeves.
There's a good chance anything in your pockets will fall into oblivion so check you've left everything on the bus.
If you can't come please let us know ASAP as other scouts would like your seat! So you may get a refund.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I think everybody who braved the coldest night of the year so far, for our night hike had a good time. It was so bright we hardly needed a torch.
We caught the train from Gobowen to Chirk at 20-45 and walked back over the aqueduct, went through a farm tunnel under the A5 and worked our way through fields full of cows, mud, an old railway line, a marsh and finally ended up at Whittington Castle at 01-00. We then invested a couple of new scouts and put the old ones in the stocks before jumping in the Land Rover for the ride back to West Felton. Where Lorna and Molly had made us some hot chocolate and Stollen. Thanks girls. Up again at 08-00 for a nice cooked breakfast courtesy of Phil.

This is before we started, just resting our legs

Alien Hunters

Happy after a Midnight Snack

Investiture at the Castle

Most of the Gang

Is this going to be part of the bullying policy?

Drumming with honours.........

The Drum Corps has been invited by Martin Wood, Shrewsburys Town Crier to play at the start of the towns Carols in the Square concert.
Hosted by Radio Shropshire, this will be broadcast live.
Please meet at the top of Pride Hill in full uniform at 4.45PM on the 17th of December.

All Saints......

Church in Baschurch, this Saturday, is having a Christingle in the Church from 5.00 till 6.00, then moving to the village green from 6.00 onwards for a carol service.  See you there.

Trains, Legs & Automobiles - Night Hike Friday 5th Dec ~ Saturday 6th Dec

Are you afraid of the dark? Next Friday is our night hike.
Here's the plan....Drop your overnight gear in West Felton Methodist Hall at 20-00 latest, then get your parents to transport you and your day bag to Gobowen railway station for about 20-20.
We'll start off the hike by letting the train take the strain, then we'll magically end up wet and muddy at Whittington Castle, ready for a 4X4 ride back to the hall to sleep the rest of the night away, well, until Phil shouts breakfast is ready! Then you can pack up, ready for pick up at 09-00 at West Felton Methodist Hall.

Being December it will be cold and wet and I already know it's VERY muddy. Read the kit list carefully. You will need waterproof trousers, coat and walking boots. Shoes or welly's won't be good enough. If you don't have any boots, we may have a pair to fit you, so ring Alan to find out.
We'll be out for about 4 hours depending how long the midnight feast takes.
If you've got a liner for your sleeping bag it may help keep the mud off!!!
As it's overnight you'll need to fill in the consent form and please book a place using Eventbrite below so Phil knows how much breakfast to buy, Thanks.
Right Click, Open in New Tab to get full size


Given the legendary reliability of Al's Land Rover, we shouldn't need a mechanic but just in case, we have about 30 fully trained ones. Well done everybody and thanks to Al for letting us play in his barn.
You'll be please to know I saw the F***SAC as it's been christened by scouts of old (read the number plate) at Shottaton on Saturday but can't yet confirm it reached Ffestiniog.

Misty grey up Fan y Big

A good day's hike with lots of climb Sunday 16th November - we seemed to be alone on the hill until we got to the top of Pen y Fan and found it was actually quite crowded! Just couldn't see anyone much of the time!
Idris  joined us - a rare photo of Idris on top of a hill!
Posing again