Stuff to Do This Week

  1. Thanks to the 30% of parents who have but the remainder please consider completing the Gift Aid declaration (handed out or here)
  2. Book Woodland Survival for next two weeks here
  3. Turn up one hour early for the Hike (at West Felton)

Scout Night Hike Friday 4th December

Maybe I didn't make it clear in the e-mail. This is for ALL Scouts and is part of the normal programme, don't book, just be at the right location and don't be late.

Friday 4th December will be a patrol led night hike from the Punch Bowl Pub in West Felton to the Scout Hut at PGL It's just under 5 miles and should take about 2 hours but you'll set off at 10 minute intervals so we are planning to start at 19-00 (one hour early) and finish at 22-00, possibly 1/2 hour late but more likely normal!!!
It's really important the PL's & APL's attend as you will be leading your patrol and you don't want a mutiny on your hands.
It's going to be cold, wet and muddy like all good Scout activities. Make sure you are carrying or wearing the following:
Waterproof Jacket & Trousers
Fluorescent Jacket or Neckerchief etc. to scare off the cows and there is a small amount on quiet roads.
Hike boots and Gaiters if you have them or Wellies. Shoes and Trainers are NOT suitable.
Hat that covers ears and Gloves.
Good Torch and spare batteries.
Drink and Jelly Babies or other suitable energy food. (NO LITTER). We'll have drinks at the end, which may still be hot....
Personal First Aid Kit, If you haven't got one, now's the time to start, it should last for ever. (except everything has a date code now :-(
You will be given a marked up map but a compass in the group would be useful, if you've got one bring it with you.
If you bring a phone, it's your responsibility not ours but it would not be much use if it didn't have a charged battery, the leaders numbers in it and some credit.

Cavers Badge Review

We had an EPIC time in South Wales doing the Cavers badge. It was a good job we stayed in a building overnight though as it was well below freezing and snowed too.
On Saturday we visited Porth yr Ogof which has one of the largest cave entrance in the UK. It had a fast flowing river going into it that we had to cross but we soon got to the massive wide passages that skirted around the river unfortunately they were not very high so we were slithering like snakes a lot of the time. Just to prove I'm not fat I managed to squeeze through the 'Letterbox' though I had to empty my pockets, take off my helmet, breath out and relax before I could get my chest through. I guess it was much easier for the Scouts! We then came to the water slides, almost as much fun as Stoke Waterworld? which is more then can be said for the 'Toilet', first a crawl in the freezing water, then a squeeze up and around a bend to get out, only to be faced with a Scout pouring a Wellie full of water down the pan as my head emerged. Next came the 'Ledge of Death' a long slither along a ledge with a sharp corner and no way back, especially with a group of other cavers close behind. We emerged back into daylight to eat our packed lunch and have fights with the sheets of ice covering the picnic benches!!!

Ledge of Death
Emerging WET from The Toilet
In the afternoon we went to Bridge Cave, a completely different cave. We had to scramble through narrow but tall passages and then over and through a pile of massive boulders called a Boulder Choke, in one place a wooden prop had been fitted to make sure the boulders didn't slip, we had to be careful not to kick it out as we crawled round the corner. Soon we came to a narrow river  and spent quite a while Gorge Walking, except it wasn't a gorge and the rocks weren't slippery, no green algae in a dark cave. We had a few ledges to balance on, either one foot either side of the passage or feet one side, bum the other. The walls we often covered in grotesque looking rock forms, an ideal location for Dr Who..

Posing in Bridge Cave
Sunday saw us visiting a really special cave, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and as such the entrance is locked to all but the most privileged. Inside some of the routes are marked with red tape to try and preserve the many delicate stalactites, even touching them with a dirty glove will damage their colour for ever. OFD2, the bit we went in starts off in the 'Brick Yard' a random stack of polished black cubic rocks before we eventually reached the 'Corkscrew' when we had to be roped on as there was a massive drop on one side, by now of course we are caving experts so after a slither and a twist we were through. We eventually made our way past the 'Judge' to the 'Trident' and other really cool rock formation, by far the most spectacular cave we'd been in but as it wasn't very wet we were all much too hot and most had their suits unzipped to keep cool.

The Judge's Head and Curtain Formation
Admiring The Trident
Overall I think everybody had an amazing time and are all waiting eagerly to be trained to use ropes to get in and out of caves next month.
Given my photos are pretty poor feel free to take a look at this video of OFD2, pretty much the same route we did.

Cavers Badge Part Two 20-22nd Nov Contact Details & Kit List

Only for those doing the Cavers Badge...
Hopefully you picked up a copy of Idris's letter last Saturday but if not I've attached a copy here and I've tried to put together a kit list. We will be travelling by car, leaving Sainsbury's at Meole Brace at 19-30 so we should be at Ynyscedwyn around 22-00. Emergency contact details are on this letter but I will have my mobile too.
It sounds like it's going to be cold out but the caves will be fairly constant. Make sure you've got a windproof coat for sitting around outside and warm clothes for inside the hut, I doubt it'll be warm when we first arrive! See you all Friday Night.

Cavers Badge Part One

I think we all had a great first day. We met up with a couple of the cave leaders, Idris and Chris and Scouts from about 6 other troops in Shropshire. The morning was spent looking at caving gear and checking out the gorgeous model Clara, (unfortunately not Clara Oswald). We then talked about cave surveys (maps to you lot) and were given our log books. Finally we watched a video about cave safety and the techniques used for getting through various types of passages.
After lunch we went to Llanymynech Ogof and spent an hour and a half exploring this old Roman Mine. Two Scouts from Shawbury persuaded us to slide down one of the passages without any lights on. That's very disorientating as your eyes cannot get used to TOTAL darkness.

Clara modelling all the gear.
Any volunteers for suffocation? Cave survival techniques.
Cave Safety Video.
Ready to go....
We made it to The Belfry.
Escaping through The Nut Cracker

 Bring on next weekend in South Wales.

Our thoughts are with the people of Paris

A message from UK Scout HQ
Recent events in Paris are a reminder of the changing and challenging world in which we are living.
As our young people reflect on the horrific news of innocent lives cut short, whether on social media or TV, and try to make sense of what is happening, let us think about what we can do to support them. Many of our own members will have been to Paris and to France, either on Scouting trips, or possibly school exchanges or family holidays. Many will be looking forward too, to events like Roverway 2016. Today, the Programme Core Team is meeting at Gilwell Park and the International Core Team, together with ACCs International and others, is meeting at Baden-Powell House. As Scouts, we believe in our ability to create a better world, and through our Programme, we can take action to make it a reality.

Camping at our Twin Town, Giat, Puy-de-Dôme 

Cavers Badge this Saturday One Spare Place

Due to another troop cancellation there is one spare place for the County Cavers Badge Course this Saturday and next weekend. if you are over 12 or maybe just getting close? Drop me a text or e-mail, (I'm not home). and I'll speak to Idris who is organising it...
Details here
Forms here

Leaders have Fun Too...

I made this as a PowerPoint a few months ago, here it is as a movie...

Woodland Survival Skills Sessions 2015

Lost in the woods, getting dark, hungry, cold – what would you do? Find out how you would get on during our next two Troop sessions at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Llanymynech in Pant.
Learn fire lighting, shelter building and basic life-saving first-aid deep in the woodlands in our own special bush-craft hideaway.
You can come to both sessions where we will be working in patrols honing our survival skills and backwoods cooking arts!
 Check the kit list and book in via the Eventbrite forms below.
 Saturday 21st and Sunday 29th November 10.30am to 3.30pm
Meeting point - Llanymynech Nature Reserve, Underhill Lane car park, Pant

Map (right click, open new tab or window)
Kit List (right click, open new tab or window)

Activity Permission Questionnaire for the few who still haven't done it.... here

When using Eventbrite please use the scout name not the parent, otherwise you'll have to come and help!
Please complete booking like this example.

Book both events separately here....

Cavers Badge Part One 14th Nov 2015

Those that are already signed up for the Cavers Badge Course, Part One is this Saturday.

Porth Y Ogof (Probably in Part Two)

We will meet, at 10.30a.m. at Gobowen Scout Hut, (opposite the railway station and slightly further away from the crossing). If you need a lift let me know.
We will do some indoor training first and go to Llanymynech Ogof in the afternoon.
You will need to bring:
Your Consent form signed by Parent or Guardian.
The balance of the cost, £30 cash or cheque.
Packed lunch and a drink.
Wear warm clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet or muddy. Almost any kind of shoe/boot will do provided you don’t mind a bit of scuffing. Fashion trainers or best shoes will not be a good idea! (I usually wear wellies).
We will return to Gobowen Scout hut to pack up by 4.00.p.m.
PARENTS are WELCOME to stay and take part!!!

Drum Corps Dress Rehearsal.........

Drum Corps will now have a dress rehearsal for the Sunday Parade at Baschurch Church, 11.00 on Saturday.  Apologies for the short notice.

Indoor Archery Sun 15th Nov

Now's the time to start archery. In 2014 Boreatton had two of the best Scout Field Archers in the UK.
If you've never done it before, get yourself down to Sundorne School in Shrewsbury between 14-00 and 16-00 to get expert tuition and have fun shooting balloons and winning sweets. You're mum and dad can go and spend some money in Tesco to keep them happy :-)
Each session cost £2 cash, you don't need uniform, and you can come and go as you please.
To attend Camp in May you will need to be on the District list created from these training session, so get some practicing and you won't get shown up by me  (very unlikely)!!!

I'm not sure which leaders will be there as I'll be on the mountain hike but you'll know some of them from other events and Bickley maybe.
When you arrive at the school, it'll look all locked up. Go down the left hand side and you'll find a little door on the right by some mesh fencing if I remember correctly, go in the door and the hall is on the left.

SBSMG Mountain Hike Sun 15th Nov.

Winter is coming and we're all looking forward to the Snow Hikes in the New Year.
To get into the mood we'll be climbing Cader Idris on Sunday 15th November. It's open to all Scouts but Snowdonia in November means having the right gear:-

Walking Boots, Ruck Sack, Waterproof coat & Trousers, Spare clothes, Hat (that covers your ears) & Gloves, Small Personal First Aid Kit, Packed Lunch, Drinks, Snacks, Torch.

If you want to come let myself or Alan know asap. If you haven't been on these hikes before, speak to us and we'll check your gear or lend you some. It'll be a full day leaving at about 08.45 returning about 18.00 (We have to be off the mountain in daylight, the torch is just for emergencies).

It won't be that calm after we've thrown rocks in it and the dog has had a swim!

Bonfire Night Party Thursday 5th Novemeber

Here's the details for the Bonfire on Thursday....

Location on the calendar. Parents and supervised siblings very welcome.

Remembrance Sunday Parade.............8th November

This Sunday (8th November) Boreatton Scout Group will assemble in the Admiral Duncan car park at 10.15 AM.  We will march behind our Drum Corps and the Royal British Legion to All Saints Church where we will take part in the Remembrance Sunday service.  We will be finished at around 12.00.

This is a very solemn occasion, where you show respect for the killed and injured in war and conflict, and this is only one of two occasions where your Leaders expect you to make every effort to attend, (the other being the St Georges Day parade).

Full ironed uniform please with school trousers or skirt, and polished school shoes.  Those of you who haven't been invested yet please arrive at 10.00 and make yourself known to Phil immediately and you will be invested so make sure you know your Scout Law and Promise.

Please wear a poppy with pride and bring some money for the collection.