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Dates for Drummers................

Some dates for the Drum Corps;
Saturday 16th May 10.00 Copthorne Barracks, please meet outside the gates and bring a packed lunch.
Saturday 13th June Shrewsbury Carnival, times TBC
Saturday 4th July 1.30 Baschurch Fete, meet at the Primary School.

Zipless, so lets play.................Friday 15th May

Ok, so we were meant to be doing zip lines (second longest in the Universe???) at PGL but they got busy so this Friday we will have a games night instead, with prizes, chocolate and fun!  The forecast looks ok but as we will be outside for part of the evening you may want to bring a coat (or turn blue) and a head torch.

Don't worry, we will zip next term instead.

Quite a few Scouts still haven't paid subs so £35 please if that is you.  If you aren't sure if you have paid please ask Phil on Friday.

Rifle Team Selection

After just one go at rifle shooting it's clear we've got some up and coming talent to make up a great Boreatton Squad for the Nationals in October. As we get nearer to the date Al will organise lots more practice.
I spoke to the Squad Leader from Dartford, Kent at the Archery Camp and he reckons they've got a good team too. I'm looking forward to it already, just need a new pair of glasses...
New Scouts get to grips with the Air Arms S200 and MPR400 Target Rifles

RU ready for Shelterbox?

I hope you've got loads of sponsors and a huge cardboard box by now..... Don't worry about the fish, I'll get them, or at least the sausages!

There are thousands of people in Nepal still living outside. This is your chance to show you care.
I've seen very few permission forms, so maybe you don't? If I don't get your form beforehand I can't buy you any food...
Details here: Shelterbox

National Scout Car Races 3-5th July 2015

 We are planning to take both of our cars to the National Scout Car Race Day, this year at the Jubilee Gardens in Blackpool. Each car will need 4 drivers, two for each must be under 12 on the 4th July.
There are a number of races, for teams and individuals, so it'll be a full day.
To make a weekend of it we'll go up on the Friday night and camp two nights. On the Sunday we'll spend the day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Planning is at at early stage but I need to get the car entries in before the 20th May so book a place early.
I'm expecting the weekend to cost £55, that will include a Boreatton Racing Tee-Shirt, if someone will design one, and an unlimited ride pass for the Pleasure Beach....

On the trail again

Here's the info for the start of the SBSMG season - we often do our intro hike at the Long Mynd and encourage new scouts to come along and see if they are up for joining the mountain group. It will be a full day hiking (like JOTT) and we can talk to them about kit etc in a less challenging environment than some of the hikes we do later in the year.  

We always have a good time! 

This is a clip of the end of  the Long Mynd hike a couple of years ago - hmmm... I'd better bring the Landy if it's sunny... 

I'm going so please you can let me know instead of Richard, and we can sort out travel arrangements - I'll be able to pick up and drop off at a more convenient place. Hope to see a good bunch of you there! Especially those that joined us at Jott!

Scout Archery Nationals.................

What a fantastic weekend - cold, hot, windy then quiet, oh and 6 medals for Shropshire!

Well done to everyone who took part in the Scout Archery Nationals.  Our Scouts were a credit to Boreatton ;)

Next year it could be you!!!


A great day on the hills! And a badge too!
We took part in the world wide Jamboree On The Trail - JOTT18 - hiking with scouts from around the world - all moving forward together in the same direction to a better future through scouting :)
We did the ridge hike over the top of The Lawley, up Caer Caradoc and round Helmuth Hill. Along the way we got blown away by the view from the top of The Lawley, stormed the ramparts of Caer Caradoc, found a Geocache in Caractacus' Cave and dropped off a geocoin, and Pete and I got to play with our stoves so had a cooked lunch on the top!
For some this was their highest and longest hike - well done to them and to all who came along for making it such a good day!
Hope to see you all along with me and Pete at the SBSMG mountain group hikes over the coming year - the first one is next Sunday!

Whoops, Looking for JOTT?

Not a good start but the Grid Reference for the start of the JOTT hike is SO 5050 9910 not SJ as on the original form... You can find it here on full link is

Don't forget you'll need to bring the form with you if you haven't already handed it in. I've corrected it.

No Scouts Friday 8th May but.....JOTT

If you are not on the archery team you should be going on JOTT on Saturday. This is a worldwide event. Check it out here we are the ONLY group in Shropshire so another cool uniform badge!
Details are here
On Facebook, check out the JOTT Group

Don't forget the permission form and please make sure you have the right kit. If you are struggling Alan has spare kit so give him a ring BEFORE Saturday.
If you are definitely coming, can you confirm by phone / text or e-mail please. Pete Lambert is the organiser but I can forward messages if you don't have his details. Of course you can just turn up on the day but they won't be waiting for you!

Drum Corps..................

2 things for the Drum Corps;

Meet this Thursday (the 7th May) inside the AMF Bowling building in Shrewsbury as you are going bowling!

Meet this Sunday (the 10th of May) outside Minsterley village hall at 1.30.  You will be helping to launch a recruitment drive for the Minsterley Scout Group - very exciting!!!

A Year in Review

Thanks to all the parents who turned out for the AGM last Thursday. I was expecting to have to eat most of the excellent cakes the Explorers provided by myself but I went home hungry. Phil did a great job chairing the meeting for the first time and I'm sure will post a bit about the presentation to Roger and the major challenges we face over the next year.Speaking to parents last night at rifle practice it seems most are aware already!!! If you didn't see the excellent Annual Review, Pete Lambert put together, we probably have an incorrect e-mail address for you or you have an over active spam filter. Never mind here's a link to a copy.
Boreatton Scout Group Annual Review

Drum Corps............Thursday 30th April

Apologies from Roger for the short notice but Drum Corps will meet between 6 and 7 this Thursday at the school.  You are earlier as Beavers will be with you trying out drumming!

Old MacDonald had a bike???

OK, so the songs challenged reality, but the 11 Scouts who took the time to be at the St Georges Day Parade can hold their heads up high!  Also, well done to the archery team members who renewed their promise on Sunday as well.

The next parade is to commemorate Remembrance Sunday in November.  We expect EVERY Scout to attend this one, regardless!


Boreatton does the Jamboree On The Trail Saturday 9th May 2015

In the Footsteps of Caractacus-Last king of the Britons

Jamboree On The Trail is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together. All Scouts, whatever their age and wherever they may be in the world, are invited to participate in whatever way they can. Beaver Scouts could visit a local park, walking the trails and playing games. Cub Scouts could visit a local nature trail as part of a weekend camp. A Scout Troop might check out a hiking trail while working on badge requirements. An Explorer Unit might make a Service Project out of restoring or maintaining a hiking trail. In their own way, everyone will be hiking the same direction; towards a better future through Scouting.

Boreatton Scouts are taking up the JOTT challenge and on Saturday 9th May the Troop are trekking along the sharp ridge line of The Lawley and Caer Caradoc, final stronghold of Caractacus, last king of the Britons. We aim to find his secret cave on a rolling ramble of nearly 7 miles. We start at the northern end of The Lawley at 10am and finish still free from Roman oppression but possibly a little tired, in the Lions Meadow car park, opposite the Church Stretton Co-op.

Uniform JOTT 18 badges free to all participants and of course a Hike Away badge too.
Sorry Archery team, we've got other stuff to do....
Bring this form on Friday and give it to Pete Lambert.