Enjoyed Wintercamp 2015?

If you enjoyed Wintercamp, read the official blurb here and order more goodies.... last chance.


Game for a laffffff

Marbles rolling around the floor, skittles in the dark, dark blue paint all over the PGL toilets - another day in paradise :)

Play the game...............Friday 30th January

We made them so lets use them!  We will see how good the games are that we made last Friday, but first we will have a wide game in the woods so please bring a a coat and a torch.  8.00 at the hut with a 9.30(ish) finish.

Don't forget to let yourselves through the barrier - code 2705.

Drum Corps at Copthorne......

The next practice at Copthorne Barracks will be 10.00 till 4.00 on Saturday the 31st of January.  Please meet at the entrance to the Barracks (unfortunately Roger can't be with you) and bring a packed lunch.


Foresters Badge, Coppicing Day, 1st or 8th February 2015

I know you've been waiting for this..... here goes.
You can only book one session, 12 places on each.
Make sure your parents have completed the off-site activity questionnaire on the right hand side of the blog (click
web view at the bottom of the page for mobile users)
Meeting point – Canal car park , opposite Queens Head pub, near West Felton – 10am – end of day pick-up 4pm same place. Woodman Pete will have the Shropshire Wildlife Trust minibus for transport.

What you'll need; warm, water proof coat, outdoor clothes, boots, warm hat/gloves, small rucsac, lunch, drink, snacks, mug. If you want to bring a penknife/sheath knife please hand it in to a leader at the pickup point.You will get time to use it.

Phil is organising sausages, rolls, marshmallows and hot drinks so you won't go hungry.

All scouts are welcome, even if you've done all or part of the badge before.

Online event registration for Foresters Badge Part One powered by Eventbrite

Chester Scout Gang Show Friday 20th February 2015

We've got 17 tickets reserved until February 1st. Book your place now!!! Phil's agreed to subsidise it a bit so it'll only cost you a fiver. Bring the money on Friday if you can please....
We'll leave from PGL at 18-00 (6pm) and be back about 22-00. I'll try and find out how long the show is nearer the date.
Please remember to complete the online activity form in good time.

So what is a Gang Show??? It's a theatrical performance by members of the scouts and guides. They first started in 1931 to raise money to build a camp site swimming pool and are now world wide.
Here's a video of last years performance by my old arch rivals at Harpenden...

Eeek Gods on Y Garn, SBSMG Snow Hike Review

So if you've never pushed yourself until you've got tears in your eyes, you don't know what you are capable of!
On Sunday 8 Boreattonites joined with the Shropshire Borders Scout Mountaineering Group for the 'In Search of Snow Hike'. One of the hardest hikes we've done for ages, not because of the snow but it was a very steep climb in pretty horrible weather. There's not much keeps me away from my food but I preferred to keep walking rather than take my glove off to eat!
Overall though I'm sure everybody will look back on it as a fantastic day and all the scouts said it was better than going to archery. Fortunately my camera has a button so I could take photos without a touch screen, I couldn't stop it from steaming up though so the photos may be more foggy than it really was, no actually it was foggy too :-)

Just a Little Hill to Start
OK, This is the Plan...
Jump, but that water is FAST
Chris Fryer, the Old Man of the Mountain
It Really was that Slippery.
Of Course We've got Time for a Snowball Fight
It's this deep?
The Ice is so Thin We can Take it Home...
Farewell, Llyn Idwal

Saw it, drill it, make it!

We finished the night with all our fingers attached to our hands, so I guess that means we can play the games next Friday that we made.

Drum Corps at Copthorne......

The next practice at Copthorne Barracks will be 10.00 till 4.00 on Saturday the 31st of January.  Please meet at the entrance to the Barracks (unfortunately Roger can't be with you) and bring a packed lunch.


We have a few tickets still available parents!

Phil will have some tickets with him this Friday so get involved in a fun way to raise funds for Boreatton :)

Making Games..................Friday 23rd January

The Leaders don't have enough toys to play with (apart from Pete's pedal car) so this Friday Scouts will make some toys in true Boreatton fashion (and it counts towards a badge!!!).

See you Friday, 8.00 at the hut.

Activity Permission Form >>>>>

For off site activities parents/guardians must complete the online activity form. Thanks to those who've already found it. I hope it works OK....
You find in in the quick links on the right of the blog, unless you are using a mobile device, in which case you'll have to scroll to the bottom and click the web version link first.
If you are quick, try this link. http://tiny.cc/tmfqsx

Scout Cavers Badge Feb 2015

All the Boreatton Scouts with a Cavers Badge have moved up to Explorers so here's you chance for one of the coolest badges in scouts. Did you know Shropshire is one of only three counties in the UK with a caving team?
The course is being run by Father Christmas and his team of helpers and some of you have been down the S Wales caves on last years Activity Camp.
Speak to one of our leaders if you want to give it a go, you won't regret it.

British Pedal Car Championships Sunday 29th March

We've been asked if we'd like to take part in the British Pedal Car Championships in this, its 20 anniversary year. (http://pedalcarracing.info/)
We've only done it once before, a 24 hour race in horrendous weather at Bruntingthorpe. This first race day will be three 2 hour races. We'll enter the PC3 class so we need 6 drivers under 14 on the 1st January 2015.
(This is not a Scout Association event, that's in July).
If you are interested, let me know and I'll see if we can organise something.

The 2012 team building and racing BERP

2013 Car, 'The Wave'
You can read all about Boreatton Racing here http://boreattonracing.blogspot.co.uk/

In Search of Snow Hike, Sunday 25th January

Sunday is the best hike of the year. It's almost certain we'll find some snow somewhere in North Wales....
I doubt very much we'll see last years 'once in a lifetime' event though, a 'Brocken Spectre Glory'
a 360 degree rainbow with our shadows inside.
If you want to go speak to Alan urgently. (Previous SBSMG hike experience required for this one)

Snow Girl


Can you see me waving?