Stuff to Do This Week

Camp Next Friday!!!
  1. Please pay for District Camp
  2. Book Rifle Squad here
  3. Archery Practice Sunday
  4. Don't forget Camp forms here
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Fathers Day Hike - nearly saw a plane?!

Fathers Day Hike around the Breiddens

We had a lovely bimble over and around 4 hills, ticked off 4 ancient Hillforts, saw and heard an air display [though it was a long way away!] and put another 10.5 km on our hiking logs! We ate jelly babies, survived the light showers and learnt stuff about King Alfred Cakes and Fire [if intrigued Google it!]

We had a great day and when we head out again would love you to join us!

Us on the top of Middletown Hill with Rodney's Pillar in the distance, we did that one easy! 

King Cobra

Orienteering at Nesscliffe - The Result! 

In a course record of 36 minutes flat Cobra Patrol successfully collected all the Control codes from the introductory orienteering course at Nesscliffe Country Park last night. Not only were they the fastest but thanks to excellent leadership from Patrol leader Sam with able support from Assistant Patrol leader Jonas, they kept their patrol together ensuring the younger Scouts remained safe at all times. 

King Cobra received the usual sugar-loaded reward but in addition Emma Bartlett who took on the navigation receives a special Leaders Award of a Summit GP-SX4 orienteering compass like the one below. 

Kestral, Lion and Hawk were all disqualified as the some of older Scouts in each of the three Patrols failed to keep the patrols together leaving younger Scouts on their own in the park. Being a Scout means teamwork, taking part in adventurous sports demands teamwork, keeping together was the basic bit. So I know you can do this [I did check the Control Codes from the three disqualified Patrols so i do know you can do this successfully!] and  I think we are going to have to try this again, who will be King of the Hill next time? Will it be Hawk, Lion, Kestral, maybe even Stag! 

Be fast, be smart but be a team!!

Special Leaders Award for Navigation Excellence to Emma Bartlett

For those of you who liked your taste of Orienteering check out 
If you want to achieve  your Orienteers Badge we will be organizing more orienteering events, keep a look out on the Blog. To get the badge you will need to do two more courses and answer a few easy questions! 

Archery Squad 1st Practice Sunday 26th June

Being late back last night I forgot to remind the early leavers it's archery practice this Sunday.
If you've never done archery with the squad before this is a great time to start as you'll probably get 1 to 1 tuition and there's lots of time to become good before camp in May... Meet at Bowbrook Archers between 10 and 1pm. Uniform is not required but please bring £2 cash to cover the rental cost.
If you've never been before check the map carefully, it's not the easiest place to find....
You can find a map on this post....

District Camp Update

Get the tents up quickly and you can hit the DISCO on Friday night!!!

Jonathan is camping with us on Saturday and has promised to bring his Viking Kubb Game...

Rifle Squad 2016

It's time to sign up for our 2016 rifle squad! It is always a good camp and we need to defend our trophies and win more glory (and chocolate! - I promise to bribe you with chocolate!)
Image result for boreatton rifle championships  

We will be training and working towards national award badges, and this can count as a skill for DofE if you are looking for something new to try for your skills section at any award level of the DofE.

Running around the Woods!!! Friday 24th June 2016

 Don't you just love running around the woods, making loads of noise? Well this Friday that's exactly what we are going to do, though along the way we might just learn a bit about the adventure sport of orienteering.

Meet at the Pines car park [see map] at 8pm, collection here too at 9.30pm. Bring running-around-the-woods clothes and footwear, a small rucsac to carry a drink in, a drink bottle, a whistle and a personal first aid kit. Remember to bring your camp money too, thanks.

See you Friday!!!


Due to the risk of lightening We've decided to cancel Scouts tonight. Don't forget next week we are meeting on Sunday for the fathers day hike. Find the details here
If you are coming to camp and have the opportunity to drop a cheque off at either Phil's or my house that will be great. If not, we'll write a cheque from subs so don't worry. However we will be sorting the menu out so if you have any dietary requirements please contact me.

Flying dawgs............Friday 10th June

OK, so a slightly mixed message in the picture, but the point is we will meet at the bottom of the Cliffe, climb to the top, fly the kites we made (or any other random kite you have in your attic like Pete), try out the super ginormous kites we have borrowed, recover Scouts from the bottom of the Cliffe then eat hot dogs.  Simple really!

The drop off and collection point is on the Little Ness Road heading out of Ruyton by the post box - you can't miss us!

Normal time - 8.00 till 9.30, and don't forget your kite :)

Shropshire Borders District Camp 1-3rd July

UPDATE 2  We can borrow a tent from Oswestry Scouts so the reserves can all come. Yipee! Bring your forms and money.

UPDATE With 2 leaders we can take up to 24 Scouts but I  only listed 18 places as we only have the 3 tee-pee tents. As all places have gone so quickly I'll see if I can borrow another tent. Watch this space...

Sorry this is really late it's been difficult getting enough adult help....
The Shropshire Borders District Camp will take place between Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd July at Walford College.
There should be about 275 people attending so will be a great social gathering.
Activities will include Shooting, Archery, Climbing Wall, Caving, Inflatables (Assault Course and Penalty Shootout), Crafts, Backwoods Cooking, Canoeing, Mechanics Workshop plus a few others.
Total cost will be £35 but we need it this week if possible.
Hopefully Phil will get some more information at a site meeting on Wednesday but he's got to work that weekend so it'll just be me and Darren and the Beaver leaders I think. Book up below, print the forms and bring them with your money on Friday.
Pete S

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Are You Tough Enough? SAS hike Sunday 12th June

As a warm up to racing your dad up Rodneys Pillar how about taking on the SAS in their training region? A day in the Brecon Beacons with the SBSMG.
For the soft ones of you we'll probably end up standing on the same ledge as my hero Eefer....

Kit must include...
Walking Boots, Ruck Sack, Waterproof coat & Trousers, Spare clothes, Hat (that covers your ears) & gloves, Small personal first aid kit, packed lunch, drinks, snacks. If the weather is anything like it is now, please remember to bring plenty of water – also sun cream and a sun hat.
Meet at Sainsbury's in Shrewsbury, by the recycling at 08-15 back at 19-00

Remember this is SERIOUS country and many soldiers have died.
Read the kit list carefully and make sure you have EVERYTHING, if not, ask in good time.
No trainers, jeans and plenty of calories please.
If you want to go add your name to the Eventbrite (not your mums otherwise I'll make her come ;-)

Jack Cornwell and the Battle of Jutland

This week we have been commemorating the Battle of Jutland which took place in 1916 when Scouting was just 9 years old. One sailor on HMS Chester, was Jack Cornwell, a 16 year old former Scout, as the gunfire burst from the enemy ships around him, Jack received a critical wound which would kill him three days later however he stayed at his gun, awaiting orders and defending his ship.
He is the youngest person ever to receive the Victoria Cross.
Upon Jack’s death, Chief Scout, Lord Baden-Powell created the Cornwell Scout Badge, which is still awarded to Scouts who show ‘pre-eminently high character and devotion to duty, together with great courage and endurance’.

The Cornwell Badge

Fathers Day Family Hike, Sunday 19th June 2016

Father's Day is a good excuse to hide Dad's X Box controller, cut the wires to the satellite dish and lure him out with a promise of pastry wrapped treats, high calorie snacks and high adventure! Just like this Dad above he will over-pack, insist on some unattractive and embarrasing clothing and you will love him all the more for that. I like to think Father's day is really a good excuse to celebrate being in a family and do something together - 
 so please join us young and old on a circular walk around 
The Breiddens on Sunday 19th June. 

Please wear sensible hiking boots, bring a rucsac with loads of water, snacks, a packed lunch, personal first aid kit, compass, waterproof coat, shorts or light trousers [ not jeans] , a sun hat and sun cream and any medical stuff that you need. And finally bring an adult that you found around the house ,  even if grumpy, as you know they will soon cheer up once on the top! 

Meet at 10 am at the car park & picnic area on the northern side of Rodney's Pillar, see map below. The walk is a circular one and we will be back here again by 4pm. 

Everyone is welcome! yep everyone, including the bloke who lives in the Shed! 

Twang..............Thud..........Archery Night (At Last!!!)...

Pete had a bit of a 'bad hair day' at the archery nationals this year.  I suppose turning that colour would put anyone off their aim!

Come along this Friday and have a go at archery.  If you haven't shot before there are Archery Leaders who will turn you into Legolas.

We have to split into 2 squads because there are so may of you - please book your session on the Eventbrite below.  The archery butts are at the other end of PGL so the first squad needs to meet outside the hut at 6.15, the second at 7.15.

As you get more and more into archery your skin slowly changes colour, You grow a mullet hairdo and your teeth go bad - Pete, no, put that bow down..............

Archery Postponed..........Bring on the Kites.

OK, so all the Leaders except Phil have done a runner so archery has been postponed to Friday the 27th of May.  Instead, we will hone our craft skills by making kites ready to fly them when we come back after half term.