Blue Saturday

...because we did the blue route and it was cold so whilst I was waiting for Pete to catch up I was probably looking blue... 

(he was so slow because he was weighed down by his all his camera kit so I expect he'll post a few pics soon!)

Here's a link to the stats if you want to see what you did and how fast you would have done it if you had stayed near me :)

(We'd have been faster if the new scouts had known how good the hot chocolate and chips at the end were...)

Quiz Answers

Several of you have had more than one go at the quiz. Each attempt has a timestamp. I'll use the latest one to mark you're answers. (Just wanted to point that out as in a least one case your scores are going down) ;-)

Scuba Diving, another chance 12th March 2015

If you missed your chance on the first session or it was so cool you want to come again book up here....

The other details and mandatory form can be found here....

British Pedalcar Championship Race One 29th March

Wombwell Circuit
The parts to fix the car are all on order, the race entry has been paid, well it will have. We just need a team of 6 drivers. I think a few of you said you'd like to be a driver. Let me know asap and I'll order your driving licence.
We still have some grant money to pay for race entry but it'll cost you £20 for the bus and license etc.
It'll be an early start at 6am on Sunday morning at the Old Enigma at Shottatton. We should be back about 8-30pm. 
If we have more than 6 drivers you are welcome to come and watch with the intention of driving on one of the next races. Some of the future races will be camp over.

Some of us still have our old Boreatton Racing Tee Shirts but maybe it's time for a new one? If you fancy designing one, maybe we can arrange with TPX for you to go to the factory and make them again.
He's the originals getting made...'s nearly archery camp time!

It's nearly National Scout Archery Camp time again.  This is a great weekend packed with archery, fun activities and the chance to win medals!
Open to everyone (irrespective of ability so Phil is safe then!), who will attend several practice sessions leading up to the camp.  We leave from PGL at 6PM on Friday the 8th of May, travelling by minibus to Hertfordshire, returning on Sunday at about 7PM.
The total cost is £50, and is payable by Friday 13th of March at the latest along with a completed permission form.
Any questions, please give Phil a call on 07733 189916.

QUIZ: Closing Date: 18th March 2015

Chess Masters

Another GREAT victory for Boreatton Scouts. Winning the county wide chess competition for Shropshire Borders.
The fierce competition had scouts from all over Shropshire battling it out on a bank of professional chess boards with official timing clocks etc.
Going Great
Your Turn
Looks Like I've Got Him Sweating
Lets Get Started.
Well Done Team!

Chester Gang Show 2015

You don't know what you missed! Very difficult to describe this fantastic mix of song and dance, comedy and panto all with a mix of Scouting. Where else would you find Ozzy Osbourne in 'The Wizard of Oz'?
For those that went here's a list of the sketches so you can chuckle to yourselves again.
  1. Best Show Ever
  2. Battle of the Brains
  3. Doctors and Nurses
  4. Cat and Mouse
  5. Timber
  6. Tales of Old Sherwood
  7. Home by Christmas
  8. How Irish Dancing Began
  9. Feel tha' Funk
  10. Angels and Demons
  11. Lost Toys
  12. Over the Rainbow
  13. Producer's Nightmare
  14. Thinking Out Loud
  15. Behind the Screens
  16. Throw Those Curtains Wide
Here's a picture of the finale. Of course it was... We're Riding Along on the Crest of a Wave...

Scout Cavers Badge Course. 14th March & 20th-22nd March

This is a note from the caving team, maybe that's Santa??? If you want to go let me know urgently, it always gets full.

"The Caving Team is running a course to cover the requirements of the badge on the above dates.

The course is open to a maximum of 12 Scouts, from the County, over 12 years old, and will cost £50. A deposit will be asked for to book places. Initial enquiries suggest that this course will be over-subscribed so reserve places soon.

The Course will consist of Saturday 14th March in Gobowen Scout hut, in the morning with a visit to Llanymynech Roman Copper mines in the afternoon. The weekend, 20th-22nd March, will be based in a Scout hut in S.Wales, with visits to Porth-yr-Ogof and Bridge cave on Saturday and a visit to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu on Sunday. We hope to include a tour of the local Cave Rescue Depot.
We need  some Scout Leaders roughly on a 1:4 ratio come along to provide transport & catering, they get the chance to go underground.

The courses provide great fun & adventure for Scouts and act as a basic stepping stone to learning about the underground world".

Sub Aqua, Latin for Below Water, Thursday 5th March


Do you fancy Scuba Diving? We are having our annual trip to the Wrexham Seals on the 5th March. That's a Thursday night. If you are not in Wrexham on Thursday then it will be scouts on Friday at PGL but not at the usual time so watch the blog. If you are, take the Friday off!
Now for the bad news....
  • There are only 10 places available so book a ticket quickly, sorry they have no more gear or instructors available.
  • You MUST get you parents to sign the BSAC declaration, below (and bring it with you). If you have medical issues such as asthma you won't be able to dive unless you follow the instructions on the Useful Forms page. You will be able to come and watch your friends or snorkel though (no charge and no need to book).
  • You parent must have completed the Activity Permission Form before Sunday 22rd February. Most have, but if they can't remember, contact me or just do it again.
  • It'll cost you the bargain price of £5.
There may well be a second session the following week but recent activity booking have been very poor so I'm not prepared to commit to a second session if the first doesn't fill up.

You'll need to get yourselves to Wrexham Waterworld LL13 8DH to be ready for 8pm. You should be dressed by 9-45pm. (It's right opposite Tesco's so drivers usually go shopping or sit in their cafe, though there is a big spectator area with access to the pool).
Obviously bring your swimming costume, a tee shirt may stop the straps rubbing your shoulders and a pair of socks may help if the fins are a bit too big.

The Rain in Spain /xx China stays mainly in Boreatton

For Chinese New Year we celebrated by creating an semi automated production line for floating Chinese Lanterns. It worked very well and within 15 minutes we had made 31of them. That's one every 30 seconds, eat your heart out Mr Ford. Unfortunately English rain doesn't feature very much in Chinese design so when it came to floating them out onto the lake in a heavy downpour, we struggled to light them and the tissue paper got wet. I've still got red stains on my fingers.
So this year, 19th February will be the year of the Sheep. You were asked to find out what year you were born in, I'm a Tiger so I may only be 5 years old but I suspect you can work out how old I really am.

Mountain Biking - Coed Llandegla SATURDAY 28th February

Some pictures from last year's trek.

The plan is to meet at Coed Llandegla at 1pm and stay until 4:30pm. Parents are welcome to join or go for a walk on any of the walking routes. There are bikes to hire however we suggest that you bring your own - if there are any troubles with bike transport, as long as you ask sooner rather than later, we can sort something out. Any bikes must be well maintained - bikes with flat tyres, stiff gears or faulty brakes aren't welcome and helmets MUST be worn.

Kit List 
Cycle Helmet
Mountain Bike with gears
Water Bottle (full)
Sweets to keep you going
Money for Cafe? (open till 4pm)
Long sleeves and trousers

Also, if parents are bringing you the car park is £4.50.
Any extra information (map/opening hours/bike hire etc) is on their website ...

What Time is it Mr Wolf?

Chester Gang Show Friday 20th details here

Chess Team Saturday 21st February
Pick up from the old Enigna Restaurant at Shottaton Crossroads 9-30am back at 2-45pm but we can ring if we get delayed. I assume you'll need a packed lunch. Full uniform please, we need to look good with the trophy :-)
My contact details are 07719 975312
Don't forget to practice and read this website...
There'll be another practice on Wednesday 18th, details TBC

For all offsite activities you must have completed the activities permission form here

Cardiff Camp, Easter 2015

Just two places left. If you are not going you are now officially in a minority! We have our youngest and our oldest scouts going, so if you're not away with your parents you'll have to use, 'scared of Dr Who' as your excuse!
Seriously If you want to come, grab one of the places, everybody else, if you've not paid a deposit please bring it on Friday.
Booking and details here..

District Scout Swimming Gala 21st February CANCELLED

Unfortunately the District have cancelled the gala due to lack of response from other groups. I'll let you know how they plan to pick a team for the County Gala on the 21st March as soon as I hear but assume you'll be involved if you can reserve the date.