Stuff to Do This Week

  1. Last Scouts tonight. Who has the chess trophy? Can I have it back please?
  2. Archery Sunday 1pm at Bowbrook

Archery practice........Sunday 19th July

Archery practice is this Sunday between 1 and 4 at the Bowbrook archery field  near Withington and is on a drop-in basis.
Even if you have never tried archery or haven't done it for ages please come along - all equipment and tuition is provided.  All for the paltry sum of £2 per session.
No uniform is necessary.


Mount Snowdon - The BIG One; Sunday 12th July

This is your chance to climb the BIGGEST mountain in England & Wales; Mount Snowdon. It's suitable for all scouts, though it's a long day. Please contact Alan as soon as possible. We'll meet at the Old Enigma at Shottaton Crossroads at 8-45am and return about 7pm. (We'll phone if times change, as soon as we can get a signal)!!!
You'll need the following kit;
Walking Boots, 
Ruck Sack, 
Waterproof Coat & Trousers, 
Spare clothes, 
Hat (that covers your ears) & gloves, 
Small personal first aid kit, 
Packed lunch, drinks, snacks. 
If you haven't got it, contact Alan as he has lots of spare stuff. DON'T turn up without it.

Boreatton Rifles

It's time to sort out the squad! I need to enter the team this week so there is a short deadline - sorry!
The camp is 16~18th October and will cost £65 same as last year and I need you to commit to some practice before we go (it qualifies for master of arms badge!).
Here are the tickets (if you particularly want to enter any specific disciplines in addition to the main event - let me know) It is worth booking a reserve place as those who shot well and earned a reserved place have (at least in one case) booked normal tickets so first reserve is likely to be able to come...

Troop night Friday 10th July....................................

This is Fridays Troop night...............come along and have a fun time.

Drum Corps..................

Drummers, you are needed at the following;

Saturday 4th July Baschurch Village Fete, 1.30 at the school
Friday 10th July Baschurch Village Hall 6 till 8 for the group BBQ
Sunday 12th July 12.00 West Felton Village Carnival

This Friday and next Friday and the following Sunday............................

This Friday (the 3rd of July)we won't be at the hut - you should either be at the Blackpool Pedal Car Race camp, or if you aren't camping but are taking part in the Canoe Expedition a week on Sunday (the 12th July) then come to the final canoeing practice 6.30 to 8.30.  If you are doing neither of these - why not???
Friday the 10th is our Group BBQ!!!
6.00 till 8.00 at Baschurch village hall and everyone is welcome, but, we need cakes or muffins to sell on the cake stall, and prizes for the raffle.  Please bring them along with you to the BBQ. 

Splosh (once again)............

Judge Dredd(fully messy)

Is that Newton's 2nd or 3rd law?

Our proto-geek Science Book Judging Panel have been working hard - they will need your help towards the end of term to help decide who wins the Royal Society's Junior Science Book Prize.

It all started so well...

Here they are - as featured in the Royal Society's website (fame!) looking suitably academic holding their first meeting (down the pub - in the best tradition of learned societies!)

And then we started empirically testing the books...

...but it got dredd-fully messy when investigating the chemistry and physical properties of non-newtonian fluids (slime)! Oh dear - should have expected this with Boreatton Scouts...

After cleaning up, we have also been developing minimalist motors, observing mould and blood, and detecting anti-matter 

We believe we detected the gamma emissions from antielectron-electron pair annihilation using a radioactive source giving us a potential exposure of 1.0 BED (equivalent to approx 0.1uSv so well below dose limits for nuclear industry workers)... now how to stabilise the positronium...?


Riding high

Well, as high as we could get during a troop night from the hut... We had a beautiful evening and I discovered a new bit of Shropshire (how can I not have been on these tracks before?)

 At the top! Time for a Minion break!

Ok that wasn't quite the top - but there's only room for three at a time right at the top, Max (new leader visiting us for a season)

It was much easier coming down


Aviation Navigation

Last Friday, we did several parts of the Air Activities Badge. Hopefully we'll be able to do more alongside the Aeronautics Badge on Saturday. Here's one Patrol studying an aviation chart and working out flight times.

On your Bike night Friday 19th June PGL 8pm till 9-30pm

So you're not going canoeing this week? Rory's going to take us on a bike expedition. You'll need to get to PGL with your mountain bike. (It'll be off road and you'll need gears and brakes). You'll also need a cycle helmet (MANDATORY).
Please make sure you have completed the Activity Permission Form over on the right side of the blog.
I've got some spare room to take bikes from West Felton, give me a ring.