Wet Wet Wet...............

Despite monsoon conditions, 25 brave Scouts left their warm firesides and yomped around Nescliffe Hill.  Well done to all of you -  bet you will remember this Friday night for quite a while!

Special thanks to Gaynor who walked the course 3 times, once in the dark on her own and then couldn't come on the night.

If you are interested in Geocaching properly you can register here: http://www.geocaching.com/ If you've got an Android phone there's a great app to help you called C.Geo I assume there's something similar for lesser phones :-)

BTW, watch Pete closely - he really does glow like that!

In the Steps of Beelzebub? Friday 21st November

Welcome to highwayman country. Will ye be as brave and as daring as the legendary “Wild” Humphrey Kynaston?
Join us and see if you can leap like his mighty steed Beelzebub on that fateful night he eluded capture.
You may tether your mighty steed at
The Pine Car park, at the back of Nescliffe Hill at 8pm and return to the same place at 10pm (late finish in the dark)!

Your are then off in your patrols on a wild chase along the paths of the highwayman’s faithful steed Beelzebub. 
Kynaston hid the path to his cache of goodies to avoid pursuit and made sure that it only reveals itself in the darkest of hours and only to the brightest of lamps, it twists and turns and takes an often dangerous path betwixt and between the dark boughs and lofty cliffs looming above and below your feet.
The secret trail long forgotten was revealed to us when we saw a note scratched in the cave wall hinting at some unseen knowledge on the highwayman’s part. The note is very faint but with a paper rubbing we have gleaned enough to get you started. Shine your lantern amongst the trees and look for a tell tale glint.
The route is long and winding and despite some good fence work there are drops if you stray to far off the path when up high. His faithful followers will be stationed around the hill to refresh you and guide you on your way, but be wary on your journey as to elude pursuit “wild” Kynaston was know to place his horse’s shoes on backwards often leading his pursuers astray along false trails.
Make sure you have, strong shoes / boots, waterproofs and warm clothing. If you have a small first aid kit and whistle bring that too.

You must also have a good torch with you, one with a focused beam to shine into the trees. 
OS Grid Ref is SJ 389198 if that helps
This challenge is loosely based on a now defunct Geocache, which is unfortunately beyond use. 

Choose Your Favourite Hat..

It time to vote for the hat competition....

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Archery - Sunday 23rd November....

Archery practice with the District will be at Sundorne School  http://www.sundorne-snr.shropshire.sch.uk/contact-sundorne-school.htm   this Sunday the 23rd of November between 2 and 4.  As always it is a drop-in session so you don't need to be there for the full 2 hours.  All equipment is provided as is tuition if you haven't shot before or are rusty.  It is £2 for the session.

Every year Boreatton makes up a large part of the Shropshire archery team when we compete at the National Scout Archery Championships in May.  We camp over the weekend at Phasels Wood Scout activity centre and generally have a great time.  Team places will be offered to Scouts who have regularly attended practiced.

If anyone needs a lift from the Ruyton/Baschurch area give Phil a call on 07733 189916 as I have few spare seats.


Drum Corps bowling........

Drum Corps - as a thank you for such a great performance at the Remembrance Sunday parade, Roger is taking you out for bowling and a burger on Wednesday the 26th of November.  We will meet at 7.15 at AMF Bowling, Brixton Way, Shrewsbury.
Roger needs to know numbers for booking so please call or text him by Tuesday on 07506 880504.
If you are stuck for a lift please give Phil a call on 07733 189916.


Drum Corps.....................

There is a practice day for the Drum Corps at Copthorne Barracks on Sunday 23rd November, 10.15 to 4.00.  Please assemble at the Barracks gates.

Shropshire Borders District Carol Service 14th December

The district are holding a carol service for us on Sunday 14th December at 1-30 in Holy Trinity Church, Oswestry. As we are one of the biggest groups in the district and it's officially in our third of the district it would be nice to have a good turn out. Families are welcome, park in the main car park.
If you fancy reading a poem or short story either on your own or as a pair please let me know ASAP and I'll get a copy for you to practice. Of course this is part of your challenge badges so if you ever want to get a Gold Award, volunteering would help!

 photo IMG_6388.jpg
Holy Trinity, Oswestry


The mountain group is going to the Effer (E4) mountain ad this weekend! (at least we are going to the Breacons and Effer is up somewhere a lot like Fan Y Big...)
Wear purple! (and let me know if you are coming!

Splish splash splosh.......glug!

This Friday (14th November) we will be at Wem swimming pool.  Every year Boreatton puts a team into the District swimming gala (and often we win!) so we will spend the first 10 minutes selecting the team, then have an hours splash around after.
Don't worry if you aren't a strong swimmer, just come along for a play on the floating toys!

We meet at 7.50 at Wem swimming pool, Bowens Field, Wem, SY4 5AP and will be finished by 9.30.

I have a few places available in my car so if you need a lift from the Ruyton/Baschurch area give me a call on 07733 189916.

Brecon Beacons

Regular Shropshire Borders Mountain Group hiker or budding SAS soldiers? This Sunday is the hike in the Brecon Beacons. If you want to go please speak to Alan, Pete or Pete....ASAP.  (Alan's land line is broken, so ring his mobile or e-mail or text him.... Our contact numbers are in the Welcome Pack if you don't know them.

With Respect

Thanks to everyone who turned up for Remembrance Sunday Parade, that's 35 scouts plus beavers, cubs & explorers, so if you didn't, I hope you were paying your respect elsewhere. Micro and Sid did a seriously good job of leading the Drum Corps, as our Group Scout Leader, Roger was at the service in London following his son, Steve's injury in Afghanistan.
Everybody I've seen, including parents, other churchgoers and the Royal British Legion said it was a great parade and were very complimentary. For the younger scouts, you may not be aware the both Will, who carried the RBL standard and Ed, who played the Last Post are part of the Scout Group too...
Thanks also to the sports coaches who delayed their matches until later in the day. If your's didn't and you missed the match, you should explain in good time that there are more important things for them to be doing, it's not just a scout parade.
Perhaps it wasn't made clear but the RBL lay on food for the Drum Corps in the Duncan afterwards, as not many came there was loads of food for me and enough room for a game of darts....


Thanks to Mr and Mrs Gough for allowing us to invade their field, and well done to the Cub Leaders for keeping the hotdogs coming!


Drum Corps Lantern Parade........19th November REVISED DATE

The Drum Corps have been invited once again to play at the Lantern Parade in Shrewsbury on the 19th of November.  Meet up outside the old BHF unit, mid level of the Darwin Centre at 5.30. 

Drum Corps............

Drum Corps will no longer have a meeting on Wednesday (5th November) but will still meet on Thursday (and Phil will be in charge, you lucky devils) so see you then to talk about the Remembrance Sunday Parade :)